Ladies: how to get your summer style

There’s nothing more exciting than when the warmer weather starts creeping in and the anticipation of a long overdue ‘heatwave’ is at an all-time high. The scarves go away and the sunglasses come out, and even with our infamously temperamental British weather, us ladies will certainly not let rain stop play this summer.

And what better way to make the most of the outdoors this season than doing it all in style? Come rain or shine, Regatta has exactly what you need to have fun in the sun, whilst looking fabulous.

Rule #1 - Don’t be afraid to add some bright colours to your wardrobe, after all, that’s what summer is all about.

Rule #2 – ALWAYS be prepared for rain. Choose one of Regatta's waterproof jackets with a concealed hood so you can hide it away once the shower is over.

Rule #3 - Ditch the bulky boots and invest in a colourful pair of sandals to brighten up any walk.

Rule #4 – Instead of throwing on a big coat early in the morning, try layering up instead; this way, as the day gets hotter, you can peel off your layers one by one.

Rule #5 – And the most important rule of all. Now you’re looking super stylish, HAVE FUN!



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