Keeping activities alive with challenge number five

Words by: RegattaBlog

13 November 2015

Well folks this is my Team 7 blog number five,
I sure hope I’m keeping the challenges alive.
With a fantastic list, what will you choose?
Come on guys you really have nothing to loose.For me these challenges have really made our summer,
As without them I tell yeah it may have been a glummer.
But we got out there and have had a really great blast,
And we’ll keep it going even thou the summer won’t last.
So sit back relax and enjoy these rhyming tales,
Splashing in lakes and finding our way through some maze trails.
Then maybe you’ll try some and have your own fun,
Then post them on Regatta’s Facebook page when you’re all done.
Challenge 8B - Map your own family walk
Challenge 8 – Map your own family walk COMPLETED
Well I’d thought about this challenge for a good while,
As I was going to challenge the kids a map to compile.
But then I remembered such a wonderful place,
That would bring us excitement and of course a good race.
So off to The Kildare Maze we all decided to go,
But none of the kids knew I had my secret map in tow.
For I took a photo of this amazing maze and found the way out,
So I was so sure that I would be the first one without a doubt.
Well what an exciting challenge this one turned out to be,
As I thought my own map would surely bring me some glee.
But alas the kids with nothing to help, no map in their hand,
Exited the maze before me, this wasn’t what I had planned.
Now to add more embarrassment to this challenge I under took,
In this huge maze I realised that I was lost and quiet stuck.
With tall green hedging surrounding me as I looked for the big fort,
I realised this challenge I just might have to abort.
So to find the kids I had to backtrack through the maze,
Looking at my map now it all looked more like a haze.
As my secret map didn’t help me get out of this huge place,
And I ended up coming out of the entrance with a big red face!
Then we set off to try out the wooden maze and the way out to find,
But this maze although smaller had a challenge assigned.
To find special markings hidden amongst all of this wood,
The kids how they cheated, as on each others backs they both stood.
There was playground, a zip wire and an obstacle course,
So I have to say this Kildare Maze I really must endorse.
Mini Gold, picnic benches, covered seating and a huge sand pit,
Such an really amazing day out for all I  have to admit.
But I knew that with all the walking around that I’d done,
My Regatta Hyper Trail shoes would make me feel like I’d won.
With breathable open mesh and supportive rubber overlays,
They were perfect for all  the walking and my feet it didn’t phase.
Challenge 8C - Map your own family walk
Challenge 9 - Make a new friend
Challenge 9 – Make a new friend – COMPLETED
Well this day started out quiet early and bright,
We had even gone to bed before nine the previous night.
For we were heading to an outdoor world of fun,
Clara Lara Funpark in Wicklow was the one.
Myself and the kids were excited about this trip,
We brought a picnic and some drinks we could sip.
My best buddy and her kids were joining us too,
We were there so fast,  with all our singing the time just flew.
All the kids were getting so excited with some ready to get wet,
So we found a nice picnic bench, now we were all set.
Well my Erica was the first one to brave the lake,
And I tell you after that dip she was definitely awake.
So off to the swing rope the kids did go,
High into the sky they swung to and fro.
Then a drop and a splash as they landed in the water,
I bet they were wishing it was a tad hotter!
Now all the girls decided on a four person boat trip,
Lifejackets on and oars in hand with a good grip.
Off they set to find the little island in the pond,
They rowed around the island and far beyond.
With our pals this one has to be the best part,
Were you walk to the top of the hill with your sliding kart.
Then down the very tall water slide you will go,
Watching peoples gazing with amazement below.
Some canoeing was in order for all to have a blast,
I know the kids were hoping this day would really last.
For they still all wanted to have a try of the go-karts,
And the huge pirate ship that had so many different parts.
While they sat taking a break upon the huge floating raft,
They starting chatting with some kids and they all laughed.
Each one decided to look for some fish in the water below,
And when found hoped they wouldn’t nibble on their toe.
For your families delight there are so many more things,
Tree house, giant slide, hot food, delight this place brings.
But the day was ending and the kids were getting cold,
Put on your Regatta fleeces is what they were told.
In her Greenly Fleece Hoody my eldest was all snuggled,
Trying to get all the gear back in the car I sure struggled.
With Erica looking like she was ready to take a nice nap,
When I noticed my Serianna Fleece being rubbed on her lap!
As we drove on home with some sleeping and some awake,
The view of Glendalough made me do a double take.
And I realised as I sat thinking of the day that’s had gone by,
I really love my family and friends and this brought a tear to my eye.
At home I decided this would be a challenge of ours,
To make new friends I believe they did this with five stars.
So folks I hope you have as much fun as I really have done,
With challenges being completed easily, just one by one.

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