Kate Sanderson - EquiFeast

Kate Sanderson is a young event rider based in Northumberland. This year she competed in the Badminton BE90 Grassroots Championships, along with her horse ‘Cefncoch Crusader’ aka Cruise.

Firstly I would like to greatly thank both Equifeast and Regatta for allowing me to join their team of fantastic riders! Being a new rider to the Equifeast team only this month and feeling very privileged, I was very excited to see what clothing Regatta were sending out to the Equifeast this team for this season.

Being horse riders, whether that is dressage, eventing or showjumping, we are certainly not in one of the most immaculate jobs/hobbies in the world. Most of our year is mucking out in the cold winter months, often late at night or the early hours of the morning before work when most people are fast asleep, competing the majority of the year round whether that be sun, rain, sleet or snow - clothing becomes a very important (and often replaced!) part of our role. I was amazed to receive a durable, waterproof jacket with a cleverly designed detachable all-in-one zipped fleece inside- Perfect for the UK’s unpredictable weather, saving me time and space in packing separate hoodies/fleeces and jackets, for when we never know what the forecast has in hold for us out eventing!

We were also sent a beautiful quilted gilet for those rarer even warmer days - perfect for wearing over your show jacket! My clothing has been second to none! On those cooler, windy days at the start of the season when the majority of my friends and family have had to wear about 5 layers to keep warm, I (for once) have been the only one who hasn’t felt the cold, all in thanks to my all-in-one jacket!


Kate Sanderson- Equifeast

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