Horsing around affordably

Checking my bank balance is often a depressing job.

Where did all that week's earnings go?

Ah yes, I see. The horses. The horses. And the horses. Woops! Not much money left for me.

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Thank goodness for the Regatta clothing range.

How lucky am I that their latest clothing range has all been in my favourite colours. Beautiful light blue long and short sleeve tops. Deep pink bodywarmer smart enough for my dressage lessons yet warm enough for another layer in the winter.

The fabulous jackets are lightweight yet multi-layered. Modern technology meaning more warmth from less bulk. I often felt like Michelin woman in the past trying to keep warm but now I'm wearing less bulk and warmer. Waterproof too!

The black one looks brand new still after a year of daily wearing and I'm all ready for the autumn now with my new purple one, my favourite colour!

Going to take the purple one to the WEG this weekend in France. I will be looking good and warm and dry. What more do I need?! Oh yes for GB to win!!!



Tracy Lawson is an experienced freelance dressage trainer and rider covering the Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire areas.

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