High flying adventures at St Annes Kite Festival!

There’s nothing more weird (and wonderful) than looking into the sun-filled sky (eyes squinted) and seeing the spectacle of a diver, a crab, a snake, a butterfly, a seal, the world’s largest teddy bear and a roaring tiger all dancing together in unison.

Kites 2

The school summer holidays were kicked off to a flying start at St Anne’s Kite Festival with many a sand castle and ice cream being enjoyed on the once forgotten North West coast. After hearing many stories from my grandparents about all the summer fun they had in Lytham St Anne’s, I was delighted to be attending a FREE(!!!!) festival on the beach.


The day began, as admittedly most Sunday’s do, with a 12 foot tall man dressed head to toe in tartan conjuring up several balloon animals. Although my initial instinct was to run up, tug on his sleeve and ask him to make a puppy, I restrained myself after coming to the harsh reality that I was no longer 7 years old. Slowly returning to the beanbag where I had made myself very comfortable, I sunk my toes into the sand, leant back and watched the beautiful kites sway in the wind.

After a few sky dances to some wonderful music, an ice cream and a visit from a few more freckles it really felt like summer was in full swing.


Bethan King is Regatta’s Marketing Assistant

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