Trickling streams, blossoming flowers, an abundance of fresh air; what better way to experience these wonderful gifts of nature and sleep beneath stars than on a wonderfully English, camping trip.

Girls – if you’re anything like me, then a few home comforts would make the idea of camping much more enticing. So here’s the glamorous campers guide to Glamping!

Glamping is all about adding your personal touch to a not so glam trip; bringing elements of what makes your house a home will soon turn your claustrophobic tent into a cosy little den.

An air bed is an absolute must, in my opinion; it is a number one glamping essential (and a rather comfy one too!).

Pillows and cushions are a great way to add comfort and colour. Only use smaller sized ones and scatter them around the edges inside your tent to give a homely feel.

Fairy lights are always an essential finishing touch in my bedroom and transfer perfectly into a tent; they give out just a little twinkling of light and feel so relaxing, perfect when you’re drifting off after a fun filled day. Solar-powered ones are great and mean you won’t have to stock up on batteries to take with you.

Blankets are a camping essential, but it’s nice to bring in your favourite fluffy throw to snuggle into when the temperature drops.

Invest in some fun, colourful tableware; just because you’re outdoors, doesn’t mean you can’t dine in style.

Adding a few personal, finishing touches is always the best part – after all, this is your home from home.

Glamping Essentials

Malawi 2 Man Pop Up Tent


Maui Double Sleeping Bag


Lady Harper Welly


Flock Raised Double Airbed


Electric Pump


Cena Camping Table


Castillo Camping Chair


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