Guide to back-to-school outdoor clothing

The autumn term normally
begins with sunshine but quickly becomes more autumnal and wintry. Kids will go
back to school wearing sweatshirts and carrying a lightweight waterproof jacket
in their rucksacks, but all too soon they will need extra outdoors layers and
a more robust waterproof. Plan ahead now to make sure your children have
the right clothing to see them through to spring.



Look smart, yet still practical

A new Regatta Heritage range
of clothing is perfect for school children. The designs include country and
urban styling and while they are still highly practical, with waterproofing and
windproofing credentials, they fit neatly into the smart-casual bracket. Mums
and dads will like how the kids look, while the kids themselves will feel
comfortable in trendy styles.


Boys Rebellion Jacket is a
cool-looking parka that boasts a tough Isotex waterproof shell with ThermoGuard
insulation. So it’s warm and waterproof. It also has a hood with soft-feel faux
fur. The muted colours are perfect for schoolwear. See Regatta
Boys Rebellion Jacket

A girls Regatta
Underbank Parka
looks good and offers lots of practical features. With a waterproof, breathable herringbone pattern shell to keep out
the rain and a faux fur hood trim, parents can have confidence that the jacket will keep their little ones dry and warm, while the styling offers lots
of street cred for girls.



Warm and warmer

A lovely range of kids Warmloft insulation jackets offers a soft and light style of
jacket that is also nice and cosy. These will be the perfect jackets for chilly
days, on the way to school or going out to play.

Junior Iceline Jacket is made from a lightweight polyester
ripstop fabric with water repellent finish. It includes Warmloft micro
insulation and has two zipped pockets as well as a hood. For days when you’re
not sure if it will be cold or warmer, this jacket can be compressed to a small
pack to slot into a corner of your child’s school rucksack. It comes in black or
methyl blue colours.

Junior Iceline Jacket
is a match for the boys but comes in a Virtual Pink
Colour as well as black.

Feet first

Wet, snow or just plain cold, kids will end up with chilly feet
without a high quality pair of boots. These Regatta boots can be worn on the walk to
and from school or while out playing with their mates.

Trekforce Winter Boots
lightweight and boast of host of great practical
features, including  Thermo-Guard
insulation, water resistant uppers and chunky soles.

Snowcadet Winter Boot offers great styling and lots of warmth. The boot is
made with a waterproof and breathable fabric so the rain will stay on the
outside, while sweaty feet can breathe. For kids that like the rough and tumble
of play, there are slip-resistant durable outsoles for keeping them upright!


The add ons
Hats, gloves and warm socks might seem like a
distant memory from last winter but you never know when the chill will hit the
UK so keeping a few winter warmer accessories in a drawer marked “Things for keeping out the
chill” is not a bad idea. This year we’re loving the Rory
Animal hat
and mitts,
as well as the boys
Topsy Printed hat
with fantastic fold down earflaps.

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