Global Recycling Day | Showcasing Honestly Made

The amount of waste in the UK is increasing each year. It's more important than ever to be mindful about what we throw away and how we can re-use items - both in individual households and businesses - in order to preserve our planet’s future and protect our natural resources.

Thursday 18th March marks Global Recycling Day, which was created with two missions in mind as set out by the Global Recycling Foundation.

The first mission is to "tell world leaders that recycling is simply too important not to be a global issue and that a common, joined-up approach to recycling is urgently needed" and the second mission is "to ask people across the planet to think about resource, not waste when it comes to the goods around us – until this happens, we simply won’t award recycled goods the true value and repurpose they deserve".

In spirit of Global Recycling Day, we wanted to highlight how Regatta Professional is helping to combat plastic pollution and our impact towards positive change through our innovative Honestly Made workwear range and Honesty Project.

Honestly Made: Recycled & Sustainable Clothing Range

As a family business built on a strongly believed set of values, we feel that honesty, courtesy and respect are essential to all the decisions we make. We focus on creating fantastic product, thoughtfully engineered for the great outdoors and in doing so will hopefully enhance the lives of those touched by our business. We are not perfect yet, but we are striving to be committed to honesty and transparency in everything we do, every step of the way.

Honestly Made Values

Recycled Clothing Manufacturing Process

Regatta Professional has been home to our Honesty Made collection since 2019. The whole range is made from plastic bottles and so far 3,159,435 bottles have been saved from going into landfill sites.

By creating Honestly Made, Regatta became the first company in the workwear industry to have waterproof products made entirely from recycled fabric, as well as the only workwear brand to offer 100% recycled fabrics and insulation.

Each garment in the range began its life as a plastic bottle sourced from a recycling centre. The bottles are then shredded and melted down in order to be spun into fibres, then into thread, before being woven into a fabric which can be eventually made into a garment.

The collection spans several different product types including fleece, polo shirts, bodywarmers, softshell and even insulated jackets. Depending on the garment, it can take between 15 - 50 recycled plastic bottles to manufacture.

From our garments all the way down to our swing tickets, we're making the switch to more sustainable alternatives wherever we can. Right now, we're currently using:

  • 100% recycled swing tickets
  • Partially recycled polybags
  • PFC free fabrics (100% of our range is now PFC free)
  • Sustainably sourced fabrics

Product Spotlight: Honestly Made 100% Recycled Insulated Bodywarmer

Want a sustainable bodywarmer that's stylish too?

Our men's eco-friendly bodywarmer is crafted from 100% recycled materials (both fabric and insulation) and comes with a water repellent and on-trend cire finish.

Designed with...

  • 100% Recycled Polyester interest face fabric with water repellent cire finish
  • 100% Recycled polyester lining fabric
  • 100% Recycled Thermoguard insulation
  • Stretch binding to hem
  • 2 zipped lower pockets
  • Easily compressible

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Recycling at Home

Benefits of Recycling

  • Less waste sent to landfill sites
  • Conserves resources
  • Recycling saves energy
  • Helps protect the environment

When we recycle, our old products are made into new ones, meaning less waste ends up at landfill sites and less natural resources are consumed. Manufacturing processes also use a lot less energy when recycled products are used, as opposed to raw materials. Using recycled materials reduces the need for extracting raw materials which would also contribute to air and water pollution.

How can You help recycle?

  • Reduce Plastic Waste - Making small changes such as using a reusable bag, reusable bottles, and cups all help to make a difference.
  • Upcycle - See if you can repair your old items such as toys or you can even upcycle your clothing and create a new look for less.
  • Use Recycling Bins - We all have recycling bins at home and we must use these properly to ensure our waste gets recycled efficiently.
  • Use Reusable Batteries - Another small step that together can make such a difference, swap normal batteries for rechargeable batteries.
  • Packing - Making a conscious effort to buy less packaged goods as the food you are buying from supermarkets a lot of this comes heavily packaged.
  • Buy Recycled Products - Aside from recycling products you can help further by buying recycled products which helps the recycling process.

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