Five New Outdoors Adventure Activities

What are you going to do this summer with the family? Here we suggest five great new adventure activities to try.

1. Swimming with sharks

Sounds unbelievable but in Scotland a diver and marine biology graduate, Shane Wasik, is taking parties of swimmers into the waters off Oban, on the west coast, to see these giant fish. Just so you know, basking sharks are harmless to humans because they feed on plankton and not meat. The sharks are an awesome sight as many grow up to 10m long and weigh several tons. You need to be a confident swimmer to join the in-water tour. However, for those too young to swim or not confident enough you can watch amazing video footage of the sharks while others swim. To find out more about this amazing experience see Basking Shark Scotland

2. Stand Up Paddle Surfing

Also known as SUPS or Stand Up Paddle Boarding, participants stand on super wide and super balanced boards (shaped like surf boards) and propel themselves with the aid of a long paddle. Stand Up Paddle Surfing is in fact an ancient form of surfing. It can be traced back to the very early days of Polynesia. It's most recent history dates back to the 1950/60s when the surf instructors in Hawaii used to stand up and paddle out to the break using a one bladed paddle. Now SUPS is popular in the UK on the sea, in lakes and on rivers as a way for a wide age range to enjoy water-based journeys. You’ll find out all about SUPs and where to try it at Stand Up Paddle Surf UK and Wilderness SUP (You can even try a spot of yoga on a SUP board with Wilderness!)

3. Over water low ropes course

Foxlake Adventures, Scotland’s only cable wakeboarding park and one of the country’s leading social enterprises is launching Europe’s first ever over-water low ropes course called Foxfall this month. A unique experience, Foxfall challenges visitors to use agility and skill to navigate a rope course with no safety harness and only the water looming below. The course, which includes 22 separate elements, has been built by rope experts RCP, known for their construction of the Northern Hemisphere’s longest zip wire at Zip World in Snowdonia offering 100mph rides along a one-mile route across the Welsh mountains. See Foxlake

4. Ride Europe’s longest zip wire

At Zip World at Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda, Wales, you’ll find the longest zip line in Europe. The Zip World site contains two zip lines. The first will take you down to the bottom of the quarry where you will pick up your specialised vehicle for a quarry tour, before zip lining back for a mile to the start. This is the zip line that features in the BBC One Show and Blue Peter. Riding the zip line you’ll reach speeds of up to 100mph and travel 500ft above the mountain lake. See Zip World

5. Fat biking

No this is not a pursuit for those who are a little large around the waistline! The “fat” refers to the tyres of the bike, which are super large. The bike looks pretty much like an ordinary mountain bike, but the tyres are wide and chunky to allow riders to take to terrain, such as sand and snow. The bikes were originally designed for a cycling in Alaskan snow but are now more likely to be seen on a beach.  Their extra large wheelprint ensures they can run at a very low pressure – between six and eight pounds per square inch – compared with around 45 PSI for a standard bike.

Tell about the adventures you have planned for this summer.


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