Everything You Need For A Family Beach Day Out

Here in the UK  we are used to having disappointing Summers – but sometime the sun does shine through and a trip to the beach is a perfect excuse for a summer holiday day out.

If you plan it properly, a day at the beach can be fun, stress-free and inexpensive, so ensuring you’ve packed everything you need is key to making it a successful day!

Here at Regatta we have a wide range of clothing and accessories that will ensure your day is full of fun. Check out our top beach essentials below:

What To Take To The Beach

1. Sun Cream

Before you even leave for the beach, make sure all the family have applied sun cream, as more often than not, you’ll be out in the sun all day. The breeze on a beach can also make it seem cooler than it is and puts you at more risk of sunburn. Reapplying throughout the day is also essential to prevent burning - especially for children, as they are likely to be in and out of the sea.

2. Hat and Cover-Up

Make sure children always wear a cap or sun hat like some of our great options below. This will protect their face, ears and neck from the sun, as they are more exposed to the rays.

3. Swimming Tops

Swimming tops like these are great alternatives to standard kids' swimwear and provide extra coverage. We also sell a selection of t-shirts with UV protection for children.

We also have hats for men and women, so mum and dad can stay safe too! Check out our great selection of hats here.

4. Beach Chair

If you’re at the beach all day, you might start to realise how uncomfortable sand is to sit on all day! Thankfully we have you covered, here at Regatta.  Bring along a few lightweight camping chairs to sit on -  trust us, you’ll appreciate them after a few hours.

5. Beach Tent

A beach shelter is a must for providing shade on a hot day, especially for young children. Regular breaks from direct sun are essential in preventing sun stroke, especially for children. It also provides shade for your snacks and drinks to keep them cool and out of direct sunlight. You can purchase our Regatta Tahiti Beach Shelter here!


6. Towels

Bring as many as you can! Whether it’s for sitting on or drying off, you’ll need plenty of travel towels for a day at the beach. Regatta has a variety of different sized towels, perfect for your day at the beach.

7. Swimming Gear

Even though the sea in the UK can feel particularly chilly at times, it would be a shame to go to the beach and not have a paddle! Regatta has a huge range of swimwear for the whole family, so it’s easy to get yourself kitted out before your trip. If swimming/sunbathing isn’t for you, you can pick up a wide range of summer clothing from our website – check out  our holiday shop here!

8. Snacks and Drinks

It can be expensive eating out as a family, so prepare plenty of beach friendly snacks in advance. Bite size snacks and fruit are a good option, rather than sandwiches that can easily be dropped or covered in sand. Store them in one of our great beach bags to keep everything fresh.

9. Beach Toys

Children will be quite happy splashing in the sea, building sandcastles and digging holes in the sand, but bring along some beach toys too. Simple toys like buckets and spades, frisbees, and bats and balls will be enough to keep them entertained for the day.

10. Loose Change

You never know when an ice cream van might pull up or you stumble across some amusement arcades, so having some spare change to hand is always useful for a special treat.

11. First Aid Kit

Pack a basic first aid kit, including plasters and antiseptic wipes, to keep those tears away. You never know when an accident can happen, especially when children are running around.  You can buy our first aid kit in store now!


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