Emma Louise Coverdale - Amature event rider

Emma Louise Coverdale is an amateur event rider based around the North East of England. She
primarily competes at BE90 and BE100 with her 17hh gelding, Harley. She is kindly sponsored by both
EquiFeast and Regatta.
Regatta is a brand that not only has experience but also understands its customers’ needs and
requirements. In a similar way the Calinnova group understands the needs and requirements of its

I'm extremely grateful for my support from EquiFeast over the years which has benefited, which has
benefited itself from the support Regatta has given to The Calinnova group.
The clothing I have received has been used throughout the year, and has ensured I have been able
to perform in not only sub-zero temperatures but also in the rare sunny day seen in the UK. The
fabrics ensure that the garments can withstand extreme conditions whilst always looking brand new.

The colours are vibrant, enabling you to stand out in a crowd, whilst the variety of product ensures
that there's always a product that can be used - whether that be a bodywarmer for wearing when
warming up; a base layer when competing; or a branded hoodie for leisure wear.
The latest jacket I was lucky enough to receive, The Maybell 3-in-1, provides style, function and
movement, all of which are features which I highly value, and inevitably lead to longevity of a

Regatta's taglines “Spring into Action" and "Enjoy the Outdoors" both relate to equestrian sports in
so many ways. Together the partnership between EquiFeast and Regatta is perfect as their combined
initiative will lead to innovative product development which produces and develops success!

Emma Louise Cloverdale

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