Easy Peasy Wainwright Walks For 2021

Research from the University of Cambridge has revealed that walking at least 20 minutes a day has many proven health benefits and should be an important part of our daily life.

A walk can be what you make it – you can walk the dog, walk the kids to school or simply go for a walk in your lunch break; whatever it is you’re always winning. For those who want to add that little bit more; a slightly more strenuous, time-consuming adventure, Alfred Wainwright has done the hard work for you. All you have to do is walk.

And don’t be afraid, our Point 214 range was made with Wainwright in mind - we’ve got everything you need, so you don’t have to worry about the weather, the mud or anything else. Visit our website to get yourself ready for your walk.

The Wainwright Walks pay homage to the late Alfred Wainwright, a fell-walker, guide book author and illustrator who has inspired many people to explore The Lakes by foot. For some, the challenge is climbing the highest peaks in the shortest time, whilst for others, getting outside, maybe for the first time; and taking in the beautiful scenery, peace and quiet, and sheer scale to get some perspective.

How Many Wainwrights Are There?

There are 214 Wainwrights in total, but there are many different routes up and down, each of which offer a different aspect, view and of course level of difficulty.

This lot are some of the ‘less challenging’ in the collection, good to get you started and for building up your confidence. And don’t forget your camera – you’ll regret it!

Number 206: Latrigg

Latrigg is one of the lowest fells in The Lakes, situated just outside of Keswick. When at the summit, an altitude of 368m, you are spoilt with views of Keswick, Skiddaw, Derwentwater and much more. The walk can be made even easier by parking near the summit in the car park. A great walk for everyone of all abilities.

Number 205: Ling Fell &  Number 208: Sale Fell

Located close to Cockermouth in the north west of The Lakes, Ling Fell has an altitude of 373m, slightly higher than its neighbour, Sale Fell, which sits at 356m tall. With a view over Bassenthwaite Lake, ironically the only lake in The Lake District, you can comfortably climb both in the same day and take in the wonderful views on offer.

Number 211: Loughrigg Fell

In the popular walking town of Ambleside, Loughrigg Fell is short in stature, an altitude of only 335m, however, at the summit you can catch a great view of the surrounding fells. With various routes available, the walk can be made as easy or as hard as you want.

The next few are slightly bigger in altitude, but don’t let that put you off – they’re still great for beginners...

Number 149: Hard Knott

Not to be confused with Hardknott Pass, a challenging and popular cycle path. You can conquer this 549m fell in little over an hour, giving you the option of visiting neighbouring fells, for example, Yewbarrow, or simply ticking it off the list and rewarding yourself with some local ale!

Number 145: Knott Rigg & Number 136: Ard Crags

Another two for the price of one type deal. Perfect for new hill-walkers, both summits stand over 500m tall with a similar aspect from both. With Keswick and Buttermere nearby, you could just as easily tackle both climbs on separate days and make a walking weekend out it.

Number 184: Lingmoor Fell

Lingmoor Fell

You can climb this small fell, only 469m, from either Great Langdale or Little Langdale. Either way you are greeted by ‘The Great Wall of Lingmoor’ at the summit, as well as a glimpse of the surrounding fells, which as always make for good viewing.

Number 189: Catbells

Short but steep, the climb is a good test for beginners combining rocky ascents with the fantastic view of the Newlands Valley. We recommend you go round anti-clockwise for an easier ascent.


And finally the smallest Wainwright there is, number 214...

Number 214: Castle Crag

Sitting under 300m in height, Borrowdale’s Castle Crag features a famous cave, a war memorial and a spooky old quarry, which adds a sense of intrigue to the climb. And like many of the smaller Wainwrights, you are more than rewarded at the summit with views to savour in every direction.

Castle Crag

So there you have it, a selection of great walks to be enjoyed by beginners and experts alike. Enjoy the views, be prepared and most importantly, enjoy yourself!

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