Continuing the adventures outdoor with blog number four

Words by: RegattaBlog

3 August 2016

Intro Photo for Blog 4

Intro – Continuing the adventures outdoor with blog number four.

It’s great to be back with my blog number four,
And to be able to share my adventures some more.

With so much fun to be had in the great outdoors,
With Regatta challenges, trying to achieve high scores.

I hope you all are getting involved and adventurous,

Because they are fun challenges, easy and really no fuss.

I’ve attached the list below for you all to take a look,

Now be sure to share your adventures on  Regatta’s Facebook.

Challenge 6 – Have a water fight COMPLETED

Oh boy challenge number six was really a wet one,

We all had a water fight that was so much fun.

It was a bit of a challenge to photograph without getting wet,

Although all the kids wanted to have me beset.

From buckets to hoses oh how the water did fly,

We even had a sliding mat the kids wanted to try.
Well it had the kids running around at great speed,
Then into the garden for pool time with a kid stampede.

Now no one knows who won this cool water fight,

But I tell you excitement this sure did ignite.
This challenge I’m so glad we did take part,

Especially since the Irish sun has since depart.

So if you’re lucky enough to have a sunny day,
Grab the kids and get wet as you all go play.

It’s fun, it’s active and a great way to cool down,

Go on give it a go and even get the family around.

Challenge 6 - Have a water fight

 Challenge 7 - Take an amzing photo of wildlife

Challenge 7 – Take an amazing photo of some wildlife COMPLETED

Now challenge seven I was really looking forward to,
As I knew this is something I can quite easily do.

We luckily found wildlife in so many different places,

And this brought joy to the all the kiddies faces.

First we found seagulls while we had taken a trip to Wales,

The kids got so close they could see all the details.

So we found some biscuits to share with all these guys,

But unfortunately they came back early the next morn with their cries!

Back in Ireland we headed to Monasterevin’s Grand Canal,

There was ducks, swans all there free without a corral.

With fishing nets in hand they started to scan the water,

Seeking tiny fish or tadpoles, friends with my daughter.

Alas all their hard work, good  patience and time,

Didn’t produce any fish, just weeds and some slime.

Although I did get some photo’s I could use,

So for me this challenge I won’t at all lose.

Anther fine day we travelled into Naas, Ballymore Road,

With ducks and their ducklings in their humble abode.

What beautiful swans we all saw before our eyes,
So we feed them all bread until we ran out of supplies.

Now this is the place I believe I found that great shot,
An amazing photo of wildlife I’m sure now I’ve got.

This months challenges I hope you all have enjoyed,

And I hope you try some as there’s no reason to avoid.

Challenge 7B - Take an amzing photo of wildlife

Until next month live, love and be active.

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