Escaping Homework at Cannock Chase

Hi Guys, this is my latest post for Regatta.  I hope you liked my previous blogposts and pictures.  This time we visited Cannock Chase in Staffordshire.

Cannock Chase is a large varied landscape that I like to visit regularly because it is nice to get away from all the hassle of school and too much homework!


It sometimes gets busy but you can wander off and within 10 minutes often see no one.  I enjoy the peaceful surroundings of the Chase and always look and listen out for birds and wildlife.  In the past I have been lucky enough to spot groups of deer, but when you do see them you need to be very quiet.  I have often seen them running in the distance and on occasion closer.


There are different woodlands containing various types of trees both evergreen and deciduous including pine which I like the smell of, oak and beech.

The heather moorland opens out with lots of ferns and bracken, I have been told there are snakes about (adders) so I have to watch where I go.  I think I hear them sometimes but have not seen any.  I have also heard lots of crickets but there are really difficult to spot.


There are lots of places to hide and run about, my Regatta boots come in handy when crossing streams and walking along tracks that can be muddy sometimes.

Some areas of the Chase were used by military during the war and I find this interesting.  We have learned about the wars at school. On part of the Chase there is a German war cemetery, there are lots of memorials including some for an airship crew.  I think it is sad that the soldiers were really young.


When I finish school for the holidays i hope to take my mountain bike over the chase as there are lots of routes to follow and it is really good fun.  It is good that we do not live too far away from the Chase.

Thank you for reading my post and taking a look at my pictures.

See you all again next month.

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