Brite Light: Our New Range Of Wearable Technology

Brite Light: Light Up Your Outdoors

Our latest innovation in wearable technology has arrived: Brite Light, an integrated torch system into our outdoor jackets and select accessories. You'll be able to use Brite Light technology for all sorts of outdoor occasions, whether that's reading a map or pitching a tent in the dark, staying visible on your commute or even during power cuts at home.

What is Brite Light?

Brite Light varies between our adults and kids range.

ForĀ adults, it’s a slim strip of LED’s built into the front of the hood of Brite Light jackets, which acts as a head torch. It’s operated by a concealed button in the front of the hood and is powered by a slim battery box in the chest pocket.

For kids, it’s different. Our children’s range of Brite Light jackets feature a torch found in the sleeve, which features three different brightness settings operated via the middle of the torch and can be unclipped from the sleeve.

Men’s Sacramento VII 3-In-1 Waterproof Jacket

The men’s Sacramento VII is our range-topping design. Featuring our signature Isotex 15000 waterproof and breathable fabric, the Sacramento fights off the elements with ease. Combined with a lightweight construction and 3-in-1 design, this raincoat will see you through your outdoor adventures.

When hiking and exploring runs into low light, simply pull on the hood and the built-in torch will light the way. When the rain disappears, take off the waterproof outer jacket to reveal a warming Extol softshell jacket with natural stretch that moves with you.

We also offer a women’s variant of this jacket with similar styling — the Carletta VI.

Are Brite Light Jackets Waterproof?

Yes, each jacket in the Britelight range is fully waterproof however varying levels of waterproof protection are available across the collection.

The Sacramento VII & Carletta VI jackets offer the most protection, with an Isotex rating of 15,000, which is one of the highest levels of waterproofing we apply to our outdoor clothing. The Britedale and Highside VI jackets are designed with Isotex 10,000, our mid-range level of waterproof protection. Lastly, the kids Beamz jacket is designed with Isotex 5,000, our entry-level waterproof protection; which despite being the lowest grade we offer, is still incredibly resilient.

Click here to discover more about Regatta Isotex over on our in-depth guide.

How Long Do Brite Light Jackets & Accessories Last?

Each of our adult jackets are powered by two AAA batteries. Providing a premium battery is used, you should expect them to last up to around 15 hours and provide 55 lumens of brightness.

However, both the kids’ Beamz jacket and Britelight Beanie are charged via USB and come with three settings. A full charge on the maximum setting (80 lumens) will last for 2 hours, whilst the lowest setting will work for 8 hours.

Women’s Britedale Waterproof Jacket

Waterproof and breathable, the Britedale Women’s jacket will see you through for your outdoor adventures.

Featuring our Isotex 10000 fabric, the Britedale will protect against the rain and winter elements. Combined with a built-in torch in the hood to light the way when visibility fades, this jacket is ideal for winter commutes, hiking and exploring.

Is Brite Light Equipment Safe To Wash?

Yes, all of our Brite Light jackets are machine washable. All you’ll need to do is detach the battery pack and wash it in accordance with the instructions that come with the jacket.

As some Brite Light products are designed for kids, we aimed to keep things as simple as possible to ensure their safety as well as being straightforward to wash. That’s why we decided to make the torch on the sleeve of the Beamz jacket one self-contained unit, allowing it to be easily detachable for charging, washing and to eliminate the need for running wiring through the jacket.

Kids’ Beamz Waterproof Insulated Jacket

Waterproof, breathable and insulated, the Beamz kids’ waterproof jacket is ideal for mini adventurers.

Featuring our Isotex 5000 technology, this waterproof and breathable jacket will withstand the winter elements. It’s perfect for hikes and walks in the great outdoors, as well as walking to school on an early winter morning, thanks to the Thermoguard insulation which will help keep them toasty. When exploring runs into low light, the Brite Light torch technology on the sleeve will light the way.

Available for both boys and girls up to 14 years old.

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