Baker by day, Blogger by night

I'm Lydia a forty year old Mum of two daughters oh so tall,
But only a wife to one husband that I've loved for many years.
My goal in life is to keep them happy through it all,
For life is really for living and having some happy cheers.

I spend my days creating novelty cakes for others delight,
From ponies to Minions I create something different each time.
But poetry I say is a family gift and my given right,
Just like my father and sister I love to make things rhyme.

As a huge believer in positive thinking and being very kind,
I know what we give out to the world really comes right back.
Plus I like to tell you how it is with a little sugar entwined,
We all like honesty without being given all that flack.

I am a virgin blogger and to be honest a tad nervous,
But super excited and very grateful for this opportunity.
I really hope I bring to you all a great little service,
As part of Team7 "The Journal" blogging community.



Challenge Checklist - Do you dare???

I pondered upon a check list that did grab my attention,
I thought what better to start my blog than with a little mention.
This list is to inspire you to get into the great outdoors,
It sure beats staying at home dishing out the family chores.

So I decided why not jump in and have the family give it a go,
Sure it would bring some fun and happiness it may bestow.
There's a list of 22 challenges that your family can complete,
I've attached the link for you (click here), so you can print out the sheet.

Now you have to complete at least 10 challenges from this list,
But of course my dear followers there is a little twist.
You must provide photo evidence of you and your kin,
And a Regatta Jacket for the whole family you're in with a chance to win.

So I will blog about each challenge my family has entailed,
And maybe I'll also mention the ones we've clearly failed.
I'd love to hear about the adventures you guys may complete,
But sure to share with your friends my blog and challenge sheet.

  Active Family Checklist


Challenge 1 - Have your very first horse riding lesson - FAILED!!!!

Okay so this was supposed to be an easy challenge for me to take,
As my eldest daughter loves horse riding make no mistake.
But as it was a stallion that my daughter was riding upon,
I wasn't allowed a lesson as Jango has too much brawn.

So I guess I'll have to wait for another chance to ride,
And hopefully lady luck will still be on my side.
At least we got to spend some time under the shining sun,
It's great spending time with my kids and having a little fun.

But doesn't my daughter look great it her Regatta softshell jacket?
It's on sale right now at Regatta so you'll really save a packet.
I sure hope the next challenge will get crossed off my list,
Sure have a go yourself, you'll enjoy it,  I insist.

Horse Riding Challenge



Easy Peasy - Challenge 2 - Have a Family Picnic - COMPLETED

Right challenge number two was a fairly simple task,
A picnic with my family, although I did forget the flask.
It was the perfect day to enjoy some nibbles in the sun,
And to be honest it's been a while since this has been done.

We laid the soft blanket out nicely on the fresh cut grass,
Snacks and drinks to family and friends we did pass.
We brought some friends along to enjoy our little lunch,
From sambo's to yummy  biscuits we all did have a munch.

I must say this easy challenge I'll happily repeat,
Is this one you think you'd also like to complete?
Next time I think I'll try out a Regatta Napa Foam Mat,
As my rounded tushy on the grass did become a little flat!

Picnic Challenge


Friendly Family Life Tip of the Month

So I decided I would give you all a great little tip,
So I decided I would give you all a great little tip,
Stick on the kettle because with this you may want a sip.
First you get two slices of your favourite family bread,
Add butter, add mayo or any kind of spread.
Top the slices off with some kind of cheese,
Turn your toaster on it's side but not near the edge please.
Slide the slices into the toaster ever so easy,
Then turn it on and soon you will have something very cheesy.
When it pops be sure to stand and catch all your creation,
Be sure to separate the slices so you won't have frustration,
Place the bread cheesy side together and pop it on a plate,
Let me know if you love it or it's something that you hate.

Toaster Grilled Cheese


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