Anyone for Conkers?

The leaves may be falling and the nights drawing in, but there is plenty to look forward to this Autumn. The run up to Christmas is an exciting time; when you can enjoy the fresh air and make the most of the great outdoors.

Indulge in some good old fashioned fun, get your warm coat on and set off in search of conkers. Make sure you beat the squirrels to those prickly cases and feel the anticipation as you wait to crack it open and grab a sight of your new shiny brown conker.

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Conkers can be fun for adults too, rolling back the years to revisit some classic childhood memories. Hunting for conkers will take you here, there and everywhere; from your local park to the back garden and everywhere in-between. Here are five classic conker games to inject some fun into Autumn.

1.)  Who can find the biggest conker – Compete with members of the family and friends to see who can find the biggest conker of the season. Can you beat last season’s record?

2.)  Traditional conker match – Take turns in striking your opponent’s conker, which is threaded onto a piece of string. The last conker remaining is declared the winner. Remember to play safely or don’t play at all!

3.)  Catch and clap – How many times can you clap whilst your conker is in the air. Start from one going upwards, throwing the conker higher each time.

4.)  Ready, steady... GO! – How many conkers can you find and bring home in 20 minutes. The catch – you cannot take anything other than yourself to bring back the conkers.

5.)  Invincible – Can you make your conker survive longer? Top tips include soaking you conker in vinegar or baking it in the oven.


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