All You Need To Know About Back Garden Camping

With the summer holidays upon us, inexpensive ways to keep the kids entertained are high on every parent’s list. But you don’t always have to go too far for a little adventure, simply head to the back garden for a night of camping!

Garden camping is a great alternative activity to keep the kids entertained. It’ll give you the fun and excitement of camping without the cost and more importantly, with home comforts close by!

If you’re planning on an adventure closer to home, here’s everything you need to know about camping in your garden:


Tent and Sleeping

Even though you’re only in the back garden, you’ll still need a good quality tent – this is the UK after all and we all know how changeable the weather can be! If it’s just the kids having an outdoor sleepover, then a two-man tent will be fine, however, if you’re planning a family adventure then you’ll need something with extra room.

Here’s a few tents that we suggest for back garden camping, take a look at our entire range for more choice.

Since you’re only a stone’s throw from your house, you could easily just use your duvet and pillows for sleeping. But if you want to make this more of an authentic camping experience, get cosy under the stars in a sleeping bag. For a little extra luxury, an airbed is the perfect excuse for a comfy nights sleep. Check out our range of sleeping bags and airbeds.


Fun and Games

Prepare plenty of activities to keep the kids entertained and stop them being tempted to go inside to watch TV or play on computer games. There are lots of fun garden games that you can play, for example you could organise a scavenger hunt in the garden, or if it’s a hot day then why not make a splash in a paddling pool. At night time why not gather round a fire for some campsite stories?



Even though you’re only camping in your back garden, it’s important that children feel safe during the night, especially first-time campers and younger children. Give each child a torch in case they need to make their way back into the house.


So, what are you waiting for? Next time the sun shines, grab your camping gear and head to your back garden for a camping adventure! We’ve got everything you need in our Camping section. Don’t forget to share with us your adventures #ASummerToRemember

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